Creating You’ve Been Zombied!

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So, here’s the original facebook pic of my daughter and her fiance.
Mariah the zombie

I wanted to add a third element in the bottom left corner to create a triangle composition to help balance out the two faces. I opted to add a hand coming from behind…. so, I took a photo of my hand.
zombied image 1

The sketch
zombied image 2

A warm tone was applied over the sketch. I purposely wanted this to have a lot of texture.
zombied image 3

Here I added some lights and darks and some reds and yellows.
zombied image 4

Details added
zombied image 5

More details
zombied image 6

I added a dark tone to help illuminate their faces and added some sketchy bodies in the background. Finished.You've Been Zombied Low Res

After the painting was finished I wanted to create a little video showing a morph between the original photo and my painting as though they were turning into zombies. I took the original photo and cropped it in Photoshop and saved it. Then I scanned in my painting and overlaid it over the cropped photo at about 50% and saved this as another image. With the final painting as the third image I took these into Microsoft’s Movie Maker program. Here I added a title, some music and made the three images blend together. This was all great and that would have been the final video but for some reason I couldn’t get this video to share on facebook. What good is a video if you can’t share it? Frustrated, I took my phone and used it to shoot another video of my little movie. I had to cover myself with a black sheet to get rid of all the glares. I also floated my phone around to create kind of a dreamy sickly effect. I let it loop a few time since I knew I would be able to shorten the video later right there on my phone. Finally I had something I kind of liked and tried to share it on Instagram but I had to crop it even further. I got rid of the title in video which it didn’t really need and the shortened version I thought was better anyways.

Cropped photo
zombiesBlended imagezombie mix low res

See the video here!